Attention to detail and superior customer service happens at Hiebtrans! Our brokerage department takes your reputation and the protection and security of your products very seriously, and provides the best solutions for lowering shipping costs AND improving service. Whatever your transportation needs are, we’re ready to work with you! If you’re interested in our services or would like more information, please contact us at 417-823-9015.

Hiebtrans is careful that we make certain that only professional and reputable trucking companies are hired to move our client’s freight. All documents such as licenses, insurance and bond authorities are electronically monitored and on file on every carrier we use as part of our team.

We monitor closely each shipment and send you daily progress reports to keep you in the loop. Since we are in constant contact with the shippers, truckers, dispatchers, custom brokers, and receivers throughout the shipping process you can rest assured you will have the information you need, anytime you need it.

Our dispatchers have the crucial knowledge and experience of cross border procedures, transit times, regulations and customs protocols to get your freight where it needs to go fast.

Our knowledgeable experience can anticipate possible delays and do what it takes to avoid them.